naamlogoThe HECOVAN working group, which stands for ‘the expertise centre for HEmangiomas and COngenital VAscular malformations Nijmegen’ (at the Nijmegen Radboud University Medical Centre), is the largest Dutch institute in that field. Our team brings together medical specialists from pediatric surgery, radiology, dermatology and plastic surgery. Together we diagnose and select the best form of treatment for you or your child. For the sake of convenience, the HECOVAN group is hereafter sometimes referred to as ‘Hecovan’.

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What is hemangioma? A hemangioma is a benign swelling caused by rapidly dividing cells forming new blood vessels. Different words for ‘hemangioma’ are ‘strawberry mark’, ‘strawberry nevus’ or, in general, ‘vascular growth’. Hemangiomas are most often a disorder of the face. In general, girls more frequently suffer from hemangiomas than boys. These anomalies nearly always

Vascular Malformation

What is a vascular malformation? A vascular malformation is an architectural flaw or anomaly that occurred during the construction of a blood vessel. They occur in different shapes: malformations of capillaries, of veins, of arteries and of lymph vessels. They are present at birth and their growth synchronizes with that of the child. The cause


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Hemangioom-consensus: Interview uit het laatste Hevas-magazine

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