A hemangioma is a benign swelling caused by rapidly dividing cells forming new blood vessels. Different words for ‘hemangioma’ are ‘strawberry mark’, ‘strawberry nevus’ Learn more
Vascular Malformation
A vascular malformation is an architectural flaw or anomaly that occurred during the construction of a blood vessel. They occur in different shapes: malformations of capillaries Learn more
About the Hecovan working group
The Hecovan working group at the Radboudumc hospital in Nijmegen was established in the year 1991 by pediatric surgeon Dr. Paul N.M.A. Rieu Learn more
Information for referrers
The HECOVAN working group is a multidisciplinary task force at the Radboudumc that pursues the the study and of hemangiomas and both congenital and non-congenital vascular malformations. Learn more

Are a you or your child a patient with a hemangioma or vascular malformation and do you wish to contact Hecovan? In that case first consult with your GP or your own specialist. Subsequently, they may then refer you to the Hecovan group. Are you a GP or a specialist? Please check on Information for referrers to find names and telephone numbers of the Hecovan working group’s specialists.

Visiting address:

Radboudumc René Descartesdreef 1 Nijmegen Polikliniek (Outpatient clinic) Dermatology Route number 374

Postal address:

Radboudumc 374 Dermatology P.O. Box 9101 6500 HB Nijmegen E-mail: hecovan@radboudumc.nl Telephone number (024) 361 31 31 Fax number (024) 361 07 80 Information concerning accessibility and parking on www.radboudumc.nl/bereikbaarheid

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