The HECOVAN working group is a multidisciplinary task force at the Radboudumc  that pursues the study and treatment of hemangiomas and both congenital and non-congenital vascular malformations. Participating specialisms include dermatology, plastic surgery, interventional radiology, vascular surgery and oral- and maxillofacial surgery (OMFS). When necessary, we also consult with neurologists, pediatricians, internists, ophthalmologists, ENT specialists or orthopedists.

Diagnostics and treatment

The Hecovan group has a wide array of diagnostic and treatment facilities at its disposal. In an interdisciplinary set-up the most fitting treatments are chosen. For example:

  • alcohol embolization of arteriovenous, venous and macrocystic lymphatic malformations;
  • intralesional Bleomycin injections of lymphatic malformations;
  • treatment with Aethoxysklerol (foam) of superficial venous or lymphatic malformations;
  • vascular surgical and plastic surgical interventions;
  • treatment after care and counselling of children with (ulcerating) hemangiomas.


In case you are a medical professional wishing to refer a patient to Hecovan, we kindly request that you refer your patient to the office hours of one of the participant specialists. Below you will find listed their areas of expertise as wel as the appropriate telephone and fax numbers. Preceding consultation concerning any referral is always possible, of course.


Areas of expertise:

  • hemangiomas
  • vascular malformations at skin level
  • vascular malformations with flebological aspects (such as Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome)

Dr. C.J.M. van der Vleuten. Office hours: Monday morning, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon Telephone (024) 361 31 31 Fax (024) 361 07 08  

Plastic surgeryD_DUlrich

Areas of expertise:

  • facial hemangiomas and vascular malformations
  • residual blemishes from regressive hemangiomas



Prof. dr. D.J.O. Ulrich Telephone (024) 361 95 94 Fax (024) 361 95 93


Ritse_MannschultzekoolInterventional radiology

Areas of expertise:

  • vascular malformations (arteriovenous, venous and macrocystic lymphatic malformations)

Prof. dr. L.J Schultze Kool and Dr. R. Mann Telephone (024) 361 38 08 Fax (024) 361 32 22



Pediatric surgery

Areas of expertise:

  • pediatric surgery, vascular malformations

Dr. H. Scharbatke and Dr. B. Verhoeven, office hours: Thursday afternoon Telephone (024) 361 97 61 Fax (024) 361 35 47


General information

You can reach the Hecovan working group by telephone at the number (024) 361 31 31 or via e-mail at

For more information, please go to where you will find useful guidance with regard to referrals.

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