What is a lymphatic malformation?

A lymphatic malformation is a design flaw in the construction of the lymphatic vessels. In the normal course of events, lymph vessels drain away tissue fluids (lymph) back to the heart. In the case of lymphatic malformation these lymph vessels contain smaller or larger cavities that are no longer connected to the regular lymphatic system. These malformations may coincide with bone changes.

Symptoms and complaints from lymphatic malformation

Lymphatic malformations may be visible on the skin in the shape of very small blisters or bubbles only a few millimeters wide. They contain either clear or sometimes bloody fluid. These blisters may open up, causing temporary leakage. Additional blisters may develop at times. This leakage poses an annoying problem. Lymphatic malformations carry with them an increased risk of infection.

Treatment of lymphatic malformations

In the past, treatment often consisted of cutting away the lesion (excision). However, the anomalies would often quickly return. At the present time, treatment of the disorder with injections may provide relief of the complaints. Prescribing support stockings or pressure suits may also be a fruitful approach. In order to determine what is the best therapy, we shall always thoroughly examine the affliction.

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