May you touch a hemangioma?

Yes, you may touch the hemangioma without precautions. Treat the skin in exactly the same manner as when no hemangioma were present.

What to do in case a hemangioma starts festering?

Sometimes the hemangioma begins to fester (ulcerate). This may happen when it is growing too fast. As a result a scab or tiny open wound develops. Damage of hemangioma affected skin on the lip or in the nappy area may produce an ulcer in the hemangioma. Festering hemangiomas may give rise to continuous pain symptoms. The doctor considers what is the best treatment of a festering hemangioma; sometimes we opt for the application of non-stick gauze pads combined with a bacterial growth diminishing cream. To reduce pain the use of paracetamol beverages is often recommended. Antibiotic drinks have been shown to provide alleviation in cases where the wound is infected.

What do I do when a hemangioma starts bleeding?

First of all, try not to panic. Cover the spot with a clean gauze or clean ironed handkerchief and apply pressure for 8 to 10 minutes (check on the clock). If the bleeding continues after having applied pressure twice this way, call a doctor.

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